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After a number of years (and countries), working in leading hotels he decided to immerse himself fully in the wine trade and started Fairview Wines Limited which he still runs to this day.   Through his sourcing of wines and his connection to Canada he came across a wine aromatised with CBD and so wanting to understand more headed to Spain to learn all he could about the exciting idea of mixing these two great products.   Appreciating that enhancing drinks with CBD as adding benefit to already popular beverages as a perfect match he started CBD Drinks Company with the goal to bring well loved quality beverage enhanced with CBD to the UK.   

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Michael Peet

Michael is Co-Founder of Aisle7, Inc., a health & wellness Technology Company, headquartered in Portland, Oregon.  
He currently lives in West Sussex and spends his time racing vintage cars and refurbished vintage race boats. He’s won a couple times with his beautiful powerboat named Dry Martini.